Have you ever read a bio that makes you feel like you really get to know the person you’re reading about? Most bios tend to be pretty generic and lack any sense of personality. What does yours say? Would someone reading it be able to get a glimpse of who you are?

These days, most people are finding you online before they ever meet with you. This means they are probably reading your bio on your website and probably your social media profiles. What are they going to find? A list of your credentials, that you’re the “Number one Realtor in xyz county”, that you’ve been in the industry for 20+ years? What if we revamped our bios to give these potential clients a better sense of who we are as a person, not just a realtor.

One of the most important characteristics people want to find in someone they hire to help buy or sell a home is trust. You build trust through relationships. If you are willing to share more personal details about who you are, it will allow people to feel like they know you before they even talk to you. You can define yourself as more than a realtor! Trust is going to get you more clients than the number of years you’ve been in the business. So how do we create this personal bio? Here are 3 things to think about:

1. Who are you and what do you do when you’re not working? Share about your family and your personal interests. Where would people find you when you’re not working? Are you a foodie who loves new restaurants and trying new foods? Are you addicted to Fixer Upper and always tackling a new remodeling project? What are your hobbies? Hiking, camping, skiing, etc? Share these things!
2. What are you most passionate about? Is there an organization you volunteer for? Are you actively involved in your church or local community? Do you have a dream you want to pursue someday? Maybe it’s to write a book or go on a mission trip. Let’s hear it!
3. What are you known for in your business? Again, this is more on the personal side. Are you the agent who is all about technology? Where do you like to meet with your clients? What can they expect? Keep this light!

Here is an example to pull all of this together!

“Hi, I’m Christine (you can call me Chrissy, but please not Chris) and I’m currently overlooking the peaceful lake from our backyard in Sandpoint Idaho. I’m a realtor, wife to my husband, Michael, mom to our two littles, Henry & Serena as well as two lovable chocolate labs, Roxy & Stella. You’ll usually find me working in yoga pants with endless coffees until 11:00 AM unless I have a meeting. (So don’t FaceTime me before then!)
I’m addicted to Pottery Barn, interior design and entertaining. I am always changing up the rooms in our home (much to my husband’s dismay, and our bank account!) Otherwise you’ll find me hosting dinners, wine nights, the neighborhood Christmas party, you name it! I also volunteer at the local animal shelter and have to restrain myself from bringing home new pups every week. Someday I hope to rescue a couple more!
My favorite day is spent on the lake with our kiddos followed by a good meal (preferably any kind of tacos) and a night by the fire wrapped in cozy blankets.
I’m passionate about educating people about real estate and there is nothing I love more than the friendships that form over contracts and a glass of wine. I treat my clients like friends and want to create an experience that is fun and stress free! After you are settled in your new home, I would love to take you shopping & help you design your new space (or help you throw a housewarming party)!”

Now it’s your turn! I challenge you to open up, share your passions and who you are with the world! Remove the long list of your credentials (at least from your bio). Trust me, it will make a difference when it comes to building relationships with your future clients!

Cheers to being YOU!