Mix up an extra strong Titos & soda & sit poolside while your marketing plan works for you this Summer! Sound amazing? IT IS!

If you’re going to be successful in Real Estate it’s no surprise that you’re going to be BUSY! When our schedules are piling up with listing appointments, offers, showings, home inspections, buyer consultations, you name it – it can be really hard to prioritize staying on top of our marketing plan and especially challenging to maintain any kind of social life. However, we know that it’s critical for the growth of our business that we don’t let our marketing strategy slip to the bottom of our to -do lists. Even though your schedule may seem crazier than ever, it will inevitably slow down and when it does, the last thing you want is your client pipeline at zero. You want to keep that pipeline full so you have consistent business (& consistent paychecks, am I right?)

So you’re probably wondering what the big secret is to growing your database while you keep up with your current clients, attend networking events and sneak in extra time to spend with your friends and family (along with a spicy margarita or 2). The number one way to grow your database on autopilot is through the use of  “opt-ins” also known as, freebies! To make sure we’re all on the same page, when I say “opt in” or “freebie” I’m referring to free, valuable content that your target market is interested in and would be willing to exchange their email address in order to receive it.

Why is this an important component to incorporate into your marketing plan? When we create content that the people we want to do business with are interested in, it attracts the right people to us. By serving your audience instead of always selling to them, you will build trust and provide value. You’ll be seen as a resource, not just another “Real Estate Agent” with a sales pitch. Think of different topics that would appeal to people considering buying or selling that would actually help them! (News flash: No one cares about generic market updates, how many homes you sold or a pie recipe). Instead focus on topics that will provide value and are related to the needs of potential buyers and sellers. When you are consistently showing up and providing value, you will attract more people who want to work with you. 

Create the freebie as a PDF and make sure that you incorporate a custom landing page with it so that you can share the link in the wonderful world of Facebook and be able to capture the emails of anyone who is interested in receiving your free guide! For even more exposure, you can also use the landing page link in your Instagram bio and mention it in your posts and Instagram stories to drive more traffic!

When someone “opts in” and requests the free guide, you will receive their contact info straight to your inbox where you can then email them the guide, introduce yourself and make sure you follow up with a killer welcome sequence of emails to stay in front of them! And there you have it.. you will be growing your database on autopilot, one click at a time!

BONUS TIP FOR THE PROS: Create an email template that you can save in the notes on your phone so when you receive someone’s contact info in your inbox, you can copy and paste your email from your notes, fill in their name and send that freebie off right away!