Being a Modern Agent IS A MINDSET. It takes more than just scrolling through Instagram and double tapping.

Here are 3 things you can do to move the needle in your business THIS WEEK – the Modern way.

1. Email your database – not some generic b.s. no one cares about. Create a framework that allows you to plug and play and infuse value.

That might look like sharing about weekend events and things to do or an interesting insight about the market. Goal: Create top of mind awareness without harassing people – YAY!

Bonus Idea: Insert a photo of YOU or a fun behind the scenes shot of your business! It makes the email extra personal so that the people reading it know there’s a real human behind it, not just an automated service.

2. Scroll strategically – if you feel like you spend too much time on social but at the same time feel like your growth is stagnant – it’s probably because you’re spending too much time watching reels and shopping (GUILTY)!

Try this: Pick a number – let’s say 20 & have a goal to connect with that many new people this week.

Search local hashtags to find other local entrepreneurs, bloggers, moms, golfers – anyone who stops your scroll! Find something you have in common & leave a comment or reply to their story. Start the relationship.

3. Highlight local businesses – go grab lunch on a patio with a past client, snap a pic, document it by posting that pic on your Instagram. Tag that restaurant. Tell people what you got and who you went out for lunch with. Describe the atmosphere. Here’s an example:

“Pinot on the patio with one of my favorite past clients turned friends tag them. We ordered Caesar salads but split a basket of fries which are to die for at “restaurant name” with a side of Pinot Grigio – it’s called balance. We sat on the patio which faces the water with the cutest black and white umbrellas and talked about our weekend plans and reminisced about when they bought their house last year and all the projects they’ve done since.

If you stop here for a summer lunch, definitely get the ___ for dessert – it’s worth the extra calories! Thank you to the friendliest server, insert name for recommending it and taking such good care of us! Can’t wait to go back!”

Want even more needle moving social ideas? Click here to watch our free training, “The Secret Sauce to Attracting Clients on Social.”

Happy needle moving – you Modern Agent you!