Picture this, we’re sipping on a TikTok trending mocktail & sitting on my patio talking all about our weekend plans. You’re telling me about the family lake day you have planned on Saturday and the open house on Sunday. Then the conversation steers towards Instagram. And I tell you – I’ve got the hottest IG gossip!

Well, we’re not sitting on my patio, but I DO HAVE the hottest IG gossip! 



Could I get an iced coffee, extra ice + a splash of almond milk with my Instagram updates?

Are the endless updates giving you whiplash? Gossip on the Instagram street is this (what I’m hearing people talk about in emails, trainings, & podcasts):

It’s broken

The algorithm is ruined

They’re trying too hard to be an app that they’re not

People aren’t getting the “numbers” they used to get

Everyone is booking a one way ticket to TikTok (jk but a lot of people are locking in second homes there)! I’m not saying they’re wrong BUT I want to break down a few things missing from the gossip columns and then let’s talk about what this means for you!

-They’re heavily focused on the vanity metrics

-They’re trying to reach the masses

-While talking about virality, reach and numbers, they are super happy on TikTok

-BUT I heard very little about actual RESULTS on either platform, mostly just the numbers

And unless you’re an influencer trying to reach the masses and get brand deals, I want you to block out some of this noise.


-Numbers and vanity metrics don’t equal RESULTS. They equal popularity.

-If you’re chasing trends, shiny new platforms and algorithm updates you’ll always have social media whiplash. Trends aren’t timeless.

-Foundations aren’t built on trends or viral views, they’re built on timeless strategies (aka strategies that don’t change when an algorithm or platform does).

-Rather than approaching social media like a box to check and numbers to grow, approach it like a community you’re building. Treat your followers like real people at YOUR party, not numbers to add up and show off

When you approach it like a box to check, every little update & algorithm change is going to feel like another box to check. If you have a strategy that can roll with the punches, you’ll be less tied to keeping up with the algorithm and more aligned with your intentions!

-Instead of booking a 1 way ticket to TikTok or quitting Instagram, let it instead be a time that you develop a timeless strategy that’s focused on relationships and results, not reaching the masses.

-While everyone else is giving up and calling it quits, let this be the time that you push forward (& maybe that does include testing out a new platform like TikTok which is totally fine)!

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