Are you feeling overwhelmed by endless options, ideas, trends, and things to do on social? Well, set those jumbled up thoughts aside, because I designed a needle moving game plan you can implement THIS WEEK. The only way to get better is to GET GOING, am I right? 

YOUR GAME PLAN FOR THE WEEK *pulled straight from our strategy bank at Modern Agent Social Club – ie: our members get these every Monday. Pick ONE or all of the activities below to schedule into your week!

LOCAL (15 minutes):

Create a local reel highlighting things to do in your city this Summer using an intro video + this template.

*Add an intro to your reel so people know what to expect (ie: “Your city name Summer bucket list in 3, 2, 1, followed by the slide they can screenshot). If you’re not feelin’ ready to reel, customize this template with things to do in your city and post it to your feed. Don’t forget to @tag any local places you highlight!

INSPIRE (5 minutes):

Listen to a podcast sometime this week (you’re probably doing this anyways!) and share a takeaway in your Instagram stories, as a reel, TikTok or all of the above (people love hearing recommendations and inspiring / fun / entertaining takeaways – I don’t think it’s just me)!


Step 1: Pick one day this week to take your followers behind the scenes for a full day of real estate + the human behind the brand (YOU!) Share a few exclusive sneak peeks into real estate life and weave in lifestyle stories to mix it up (your morning must, your specific coffee order, what’s on your desk, your post work ritual, etc)

Step 2: Include a fun / interactive poll to kickoff your stories for the day and increase story views – ie: share a house, room, or home feature you love with a poll – “love it or leave it”, A can’t help but answer question like “is making your bed a MUST: Y or N”, OR incorporate a fun poll after work hours like “Are you watching The Bachelorette or are you over it?”

IG STORY STRATEGY (5 minutes):

Pop on your stories (face to cam) to answer a current client FAQ – what have you been getting asked lately? Don’t forget to caption your story and save it to a highlight for people to come back to later!

ENGAGE (10 minutes):

Find 5 new local businesses to connect with by searching local hashtags (think beyond the brick and mortar). Leave a conversation starting comment on a post or a reply to their story (ie – ask an open ended question vs saying something that kills a convo like LOVE!)

TO SIP ON (with AirPods):
If you need a kick in the butt pep talk this is for you – Grant Cardone: Steps to Success

I don’t typically listen to this “personality style” of podcasts BUT this one really fired me up so I thought I’d share for anyone else in need of some mic drop style motivation.

Podcast Takeaway: Successful people approach buying a $30 business book as though it has the potential to make them millions of dollars. Unsuccessful people look at a $30 book and try to figure out how to buy it for $12 


A Reel dose of motivation from Jillian Harris.

The staircase trend you’ll want to poll your followers about (pair with our *behind the brand story day* strategy).

The book I’m currently reading (don’t judge a book by it’s COVER) I’m also reading this book for some non-biz fiction before bed.


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