Growing up, my dad treated grocery shopping like serious business. He only went to his usual store, because he knew where everything was and could get in and out in a flash! 

My mom, on the other hand, loves grocery shopping. Seriously, she’ll hit Trader Joe’s just for fun! It’s her go-to hobby. 

When it comes to grocery shopping as an adult, I take after my dad. 

I recently went to a different grocery store than I usually do. And it was terrible! 

The grocery store I usually go to was built a year ago so everything is super organized, feels clean, and they have so many options! Plus, I know where everything is (which saves me time!)

The store I ended up in, was pretty much the exact opposite. 

I had no idea where anything was. The store did not feel clean and organized. The aisles were chaotic and so crammed full of stuff, that you couldn’t even walk through them. 

And still, it seemed like they didn’t have as many options as my usual store. 

Walking through the store felt awkward trying not to run into the other shoppers with my cart, while also maneuvering the over abundance of displays.  

It reminded me of the feeling of tirelessly scrolling through reels, shopping for a new strategy and becoming overwhelmed by everyone telling you, “You have to do this strategy!” “No, don’t take that advice, use my strategy instead!”

It’s an endless stream of opinions and conflicting ideas, and by the time you’re done scrolling (or grocery shopping) you’re in the exact same spot you were when you started. 

With no strategy and no homestyle guacamole. 

Frustrated and not sure where to go next. 

But it doesn’t have to be so complicated! When it comes to social media, all you need is a plan and the content to execute it! 

I designed Modern Agent Social Club with this in mind, and I give our members foundational social media strategies that are easy to implement PLUS tons of content. 

In this episode, I break down the Modern Agent Method to give you a behind the scenes look at the foundational, Modern Agent Social Club strategies. It’s the strategies that take you from just posting on social media TO converting referrals and clients from Instagram. 

Here’s an overview of the Modern Agent Method (listen to the full episode for a deep dive!)

Module 1: Modern Agent Mindset – Showing up like a human and posting on social media intentionally. 

Module 2: The Modern Agent Content Strategy – Categories and themes to make posting each week EASY. 

Module 3: Building a Memorable & Uncopyable Brand – Giving your business a personality infusion and doing social media YOUR way. 

Module 4: Conversion Driven Strategies – The strategies to convert followers into email subscribers (where you can further connect with them & keep giving value!) 

Module 5: Building a Solid Database & Long Term Plan for Consistent Clients – The tools you need, how it works, and what to do once they’re on the list. 

Our entire, Modern Agent Social Club framework is designed to get you thinking of social media as a long game and to give you the tools that will help you stick with it. 

It’s for the agents who want an authentic approach and want to build long term strategies for their business using modern marketing strategies.


Modern Agent Social Club

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