Welcome to Part 4 of 5 in the Sip, Plan & Story Tell Series 🍷✏️ 📖


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I know that sounds like a big, boring term BUT it’s the complete opposite.

Here’s what it really means:

-showing up extremely intentionally
-having a crystal clear content plan
-being repetitive (for a reason)

And here’s why it matters:

There’s a reason why people like Alix Earle and Tinx blew up their brands on TikTok with things like a tiny mic (Tinx) and GRWM videos (Alix) – (it’s their THING)

There’s a reason why when you think of Taylor Swift you think of cats, the KC Chiefs, and red lipstick (it’s her THING)

There’s a reason why the Packers play the song “I don’t wanna work, I just wanna bang on these drums all day” EVERY TIME they score a touchdown (it’s their THING)!

There’s a reason why when you go to Target you get a Starbucks drink first and end up buying everything that wasn’t even on your list! (It’s their THING, lol)

They do these THINGS consistently enough that it becomes memorable (& UNFORGETTABLE).

So my question to you is this:

If you want to be *unforgettable* on social media
If you want people to binge your content
If you want people to *want* to tap FOLLOW

And if you want people lining up to work with you (just like Taylor Swift sells out every concert & Lambeau Field sells out every single game)…

Are you ready to get strategically consistent to make that happen?

Are you ready to show up extremely intentionally and have a crystal clear content plan?

Are you ready to GET REPETITIVE?

Because no one ever got famous, successful, or KNOWN for being random!

So what could this look like for you?

Because maybe you’re sitting on the other side of this screen thinking *But I don’t have a “thing” and I don’t know what it should be*

Here’s the thing….

Sometimes you don’t know what that thing is YET but you can’t sit around and wait to come up with it or you’ll never get there.

So here are a few things you can do TODAY to figure out what you crystal clear content plan is going to be!

1. Document your days on your Instagram stories: Pay attention to what you’re naturally doing, repetitively

(drinking the same beverages, going to a yoga class, baking, doing cozy things, romanticizing your evening routine, reading, drinking out of a specific cup/glass, eating a consistent food, etc)

In addition, you’ll be showing up on stories consistently and *connecting* with people every day 😊

2. Theme your days

This is a super simple way to start and how we teach our members at Modern Agent Social Club

ie: every Tuesday you do an AMA in stories, every Wednesday you do a real estate wine down and go LIVE on insta, on Thursday you share a mindset shifting post about your industry and every Friday you share a local spot you love

*PRO TIP: You don’t have to theme EVERY DAY (but theming your days helps keep you STRATEGICALLY CONSISTENT)!

3. Style a *video space* where you always record from


Pick a cute corner, style your desk, stand in front of a white wall (add a plant), go outside (Jenna is strategically consistent in that she films her reels OUTSIDE)! See for yourself

4. Pick an on brand “uniform” to wear in reels or add an “on brand prop” (just an idea)!

This might be your glass of wine, an on brand shirt (this is why we have merch our members can purchase), or a coffee mug you love!

PS: If you sign up for Modern Agent today through 1/24, you’ll get a cute *on brand* coffee mug as a welcome gift 🎁

5. Write down your CORE MESSAGING and establish your content pillars

It’s about first getting out your core beliefs that relate to your industry…

what do you stand for, what are you passionate about, what topics do you enjoy talking about, how can you put your unique perspective on them, how do you do things differently, what mindset shifts do you help people make?

Answering these questions will help you narrow down your messaging which can in turn help you establish your content pillars (which you can use to THEME YOUR DAYS)!

SEE HOW THIS ALL WORKS TOGETHER! It’s easier than you think but you just have to get started!

(pick 1 thing from above and SCHEDULE IT ON YOUR CALENDAR within the next 7 days)!

Cheers to strategic consistency and blowing up your business as a result! 🥂