The question you’re probably wondering…


There are so many places to “get content” (WE KNOW!)

But that’s the thing…

Modern Agent isn’t JUST about content.

We aren’t even a content membership 😮

We’re a marketing membership 🤝

So what’s the difference?

Most CONTENT Memberships:

-have a huge library of content

-have a template for everything you can imagine (not focused on any specific strategy)

-copy and paste style content

-generic (could fit anyone) style of templates

-lack of strategy across content

-try to give you as much “stuff” as they can

-exist to give you a “presence” > a personal brand

-lower price

-quantity > quality

What you get from a MARKETING Membership:

-a timeless foundational strategy that is used to generate long term. consistent business

-content rooted in strategy (the content is cohesive)

-plug & play style content to help infuse YOU & build a personal brand not just an aesthetic grid

-strategy AND aesthetics are equally important

-you have a PLAN to follow, not just content to post

-trainings to keep you ahead of the curve and keep you taking action

-the true purpose is to help you build a pipeline of warm leads / future clients while also expanding your database (even in your sleep)

-a strategy in how content is created AND how members should be using it

-QUALITY > quantity

So what else is different about Modern Agent?

Well to be totally honest (and this is a little hard to sum up in a blog post), Modern Agent has it’s own “vibe”.

We teach you to build a brand rooted in personality and we do the same ourselves.

If you like following me on Instagram, you enjoy the podcast, and you align with how I teach and approach marketing, you’ll LOVE Modern Agent.

It can’t be replicated because you can’t replicate the PEOPLE behind it.

We have our own strategy and approach to content creation.

We have our own unique community of agents that can’t be replicated.

We are 100% uncopyable 🥂

And we know we’re not for everyone.

And we are 100% okay with that!

And that’s how we teach you to approach your marketing.

It doesn’t matter how many agents in your market are on social media or are part of Modern Agent.. if you are building a brand rooted in YOU, you become uncopyable too.

People hire you because they like and trust YOU.

You attract better clients (who value your time and boundaries and don’t walk all over you).

You start to develop UNSHAKEABLE confidence in your brand and business because you’re doing it YOUR WAY.

I want you to think about this: Your dream client looks you up on social media right now:

Would you feel confident about what they see?

Would they be able to learn about you AND your business?

Would they know what their next step should be?

Would there be a simple way for them to reach out or learn more?

Or would your account look like every other agent on Instagram? 😬

THAT is the difference between Modern Agent and other memberships!