I see you hustling hard out there and I am over here cheering you on! When it comes to marketing your Real Estate biz on social media, I want to share one of my best hacks so that you can start following it today! Cue the drum roll….

START SHARING YOUR PERSONALITY! YES, I’m talking about YOU – the human with a beating heart behind the for sale sign! 

It sounds so simple but the truth is that a lot of people are afraid to share who they are beyond their job title so the only side potential clients end up seeing is their service.

We all know that the average agent’s social media feed includes posts like: “List with me!” “Stop at my Open House!” “Check out my new listing!” ETC. ETC. ETC.

If you’re reading this from behind your iPhone feeling guilty, I have one suggestion – STOP! When you’re marketing this way, you’re blending in like a flock of pigeons when you could take advantage of this simple hack and instead become the pink flamingo who stands out in your market!

Let’s talk reality – people don’t like being sold to and when they do need your service, they’re going to want to work with someone who they know, like and trust. They don’t want your sales pitch, they want to be able to relate to YOU!

So instead of sharing listing after listing and every real estate slogan you’ve ever heard, start talking about your family, your hobbies, your successes/failures, where you like to travel and your favorite cocktail to cheers with. 

Share the REALITY of real estate. When a closing falls apart and you order the XL pizza and open a bottle of wine, post that on social media! Start telling stories! It doesn’t mean you can’t talk about a new listing or an open house but instead of posting something generic, tell a story about the home or the sellers (nothing confidential of course). If you are willing to let people into your life, they are going to be more likely to let you into theirs (& trust you to help them with major decisions like buying or selling their home).

Social media provides a huge opportunity for you to do this and **Spoiler Alert: sharing your personality is on Facebook & Instagram is FREE! 

Lastly, by doing this you will attract people who are similar to you and who will eventually want to do business with you when the time comes that they need a Real Estate Agent.

Stop missing out on business because people don’t know the real you. Instead, attract more business from people who would love to work with you if only they knew more about you.

Sharing your life and personality on social media is the best way to create true connections and build relationships (after all, real estate is a relationship business, amiright?!?!) This my friend, is how you build an authentic brand using social media.

Cheers to sharing YOU!


PS: If you want to dive into this deeper, check out my community, Modern Agent Social Club – everything you need to market your business on social media and build an authentic online brand! This is truly a game changing philosophy for social media success!