Have you ever felt frustrated from using social media as a marketing tool? Or maybe you know you need an online presence but you don’t think that social media can actually be used to grow your business. Well what if I told you that YOU’RE WRONG, and that a simple mindset shift combined with a few small changes could make a huge difference in how you’re using social platforms and the results you’re getting?

When you use social media as a giant billboard to shout your sales pitch and ask for business, it is the equivalent to attending a cocktail party, grabbing the nearest microphone and telling everyone there that “you’re a Real Estate Agent and to please hire you.” You wouldn’t do that, right? Hopefully not! Social media is “social” networking. It’s not meant to be a place to sell, but a place to build relationships and connect. So if you’re only using it to sell, sell, sell… and frustrated that you’re not getting anything out of it, it’s time to shift our mindset and start showing up like it’s a cocktail party instead!

How would you really act at a cocktail party? You’d meet new people, introduce yourself, ask questions, build rapport, catch up with friends (stay in front of your sphere) and have one on one conversations. You can show up in this same way on social media. That means no more feeds full of Open House announcements, “just solds” and sales pitches, but more posts that create connection, tell a story or engage your audience. Just like you’d interact at a cocktail party.

I want to give you 3 ideas for how you can pop your feed with posts that feel more like socializing at a cocktail party than showing up and selling what you have to offer.

1. Start asking questions! People love to talk about themselves, so ask questions that will make your followers feel heard and want to engage with you.

2. Share about you and your community. What is something people know you for that could create connection with others who might share that common interest? Start building the know, like and trust factor. What events are happening in your community? Share about these things just like you’d discuss them in conversation over a cocktail.

3. Provide value – Don’t just post an open house, “sold” listing or a cheesy post about “being there for their real estate needs”. Share valuable content that would be helpful to someone thinking of buying or selling. For example, if staging is one of your strengths when it comes to helping sellers, share helpful staging tips regularly to resonate with anyone thinking of selling. You’ll position yourself as an expert and show up as a trusted resource (instead of a sales pitch).

Start making these simple shifts in your social media strategy and watch your online brand grow!

PS: If you want to dive deeper on this topic and get your hands on content you can use to provide value to your followers, check out my community, Modern Agent Social Club. You’ll learn how to look awesome online, attract your tribe and get all of the social media content you need for your feed, monthly.