Real Estate Agent or Lifestyle Consultant? You’re not just selling houses, you’re selling lifestyles – which is why it’s so important to be asking new home buyers the questions that make them dig deep and discover what they’re truly looking for in a new home!

You have to look beyond the “house data” – it’s about more than the number of bedrooms and even the location. It’s about the “WHY” behind those answers and the lifestyle that those details will create. When a buyer says they need 4 bedrooms, a minimum of 2500 square feet, an open concept living area and a private backyard, they might be looking for a house they can grow into and raise their family. Space for the kids to sit and do their homework while the parents make dinner. A backyard where they can put in a pool, play catch and host birthday parties without worrying about a busy road or nosy neighbors.

When you’re having a conversation with a new buyer or emailing a buyer lead, start asking more unique questions that will help you learn more about them, paint a picture of what they’re really looking for in a new home and determine the lifestyle they want to live. Not only will you stand out, you will demonstrate that you truly care about finding them a house that is the perfect fit! Here is a list of questions to help get you started!


  1. What is your favorite room in a house?
  2. Which room do you currently spend the most time in?
  3. What feature is most important to you in a new home?
  4. What is a room or space you don’t have where you currently live but would LOVE to have in your new home?
  5. How important is location, outdoor surroundings and garage space?
  6. What is a deal breaker for you when looking for a home?
  7. What makes you want to buy a home?
  8. How do you typically spend your weekends or what do you do in your free time?
  9. How do you prefer to communicate? (Phone / Text / Email / Combo?)
  10. Are you currently working with a lender and / or have you gotten pre-approved?
  11. What is your go-to coffee order?
  12. What is your favorite drink to cheers with?
  13. What is your ideal timeframe for moving into a new house?
  14. Have you looked at any homes yet?
  15. Is there anyone else involved in the process?

Asking these thought provoking questions and understanding how buyers want to spend their time in their new home will help you as an agent, focus on helping them find the house that’s going to be the right fit! Having a clear vision of what they truly want will also help prevent overwhelm during the home search process!

Want to stand out even more? Create a landing page where you host these questions so it looks nice and you can just send new buyers the link where they can easily fill them out (survey style)! You’ll look tech savvy, organized and extra good at what you do! Modern Agent Social offers Buyer AND Seller Questionnaire landing pages to make you look GOOD and make your life a little easier!