Are YOU part of your online real estate brand or is your feed full of real estate graphics and it stops there?⁣

REAL TALK: Having a personal online brand vs a business-y online brand is the difference between a pretty feed that looks nice and a feed that actually converts.⁣

It takes a feed that no one (except you) cares about and converts it to one that turns your followers into clients and loyal referral sources (and actually results in more commission checks).⁣

The question becomes, do you want pretty or do you want profitable?⁣

“When people are invested in you as a person first, they’re going to be a heck of a lot more likely to be invested in your business.” – Me (from my Modern Agent Masterclass)⁣

Because I am so incredibly passionate about YOU showing your face in your feed, I decided to share a tiny glimpse into the inside of the Modern Agent membership’s masterclass and give you these brand photo ideas to spark the creativity when it comes to snapping pics of YOU!⁣

If you want bigger results and plan to use modern methods to get you there, it’s critical that you view social media differently. It’s not just a highlight reel — it can be used as an integral part of your real estate marketing strategy if you embrace a personality driven approach. 

Curious what the brand menu is that you see mentioned in the Brand Photo Bingo board below? Well that my friends is an insiders secret exclusive to our members!⁣

Cheers to being YOU and trading in outdated real estate marketing methods for personality and social media strategy.