Grab a glass of wine, we need to talk..⁣.

Do you feel like Real Estate Agents are everywhere? Like your feed is just full of post after post about real estate?⁣

I want to let you in on a secret.. that is the case no matter what industry you’re in <GASP!>

Fitness influencers, social media managers, fashion bloggers, food bloggers, interior designers, mom bloggers – fill in the blank and their feed is full of their “competition” too. It’s normal!

Here’s why you need to stop focusing on other agents: your audiences are completely different.

That’s why I asked – would you and the agent in town have the same wedding guest list? Definitely not. Maybe you’d have a couple cross over but they would look totally different unless you’re literally marrying that agent.⁣

There is PLENTY to go around. On a recent episode of @hustlehumblypodcast Katy & Alissa talked about the number of local transactions that occurred in a single year..⁣

There isn’t an agent on Planet Earth who could handle even a fraction of that number.⁣

So instead of worrying that Sally in your office has a similar marketing strategy to you or that you can’t create local content to post because she is already doing it, STAY IN YOUR OWN LANE.⁣

If you’re sharing more than the for sale sign and more than the real estate posts – and people are getting to know YOU, you’re going to attract the right people to you.

Flip the scarcity mindset and double down on what you’re good at. Focus on sharing the behind the scenes of what it’s like to work with you, what a client can expect. Is staging your strength – double down on that & infuse your feed with it.

Make yourself a magnet to those clients who are the perfect fit.⁣

Focus on showing up for and serving your very own unique audience!⁣

Go through your followers right now and reach out to 5 people you haven’t talked to in awhile. Whether that’s a past client or a friend. Ask how they’re doing and what they’re most looking forward to post quarantine.⁣

Have conversations, treat Instagram like the social network it was designed to be (what I like to call the glass of wine with a friend approach to social media)!

And remember, no one is YOU! 💛🔥