How to show up in your biz right now (1 week of post ideas)⁣!

It’s so important that you keep showing up consistently if your goal is to build your real estate brand online! Social media is such a powerful way to stay connected and in front of your people while also being a local resource.

Here’s your “to post” list:⁣

📍 Spread the local love. Post ideas for how you can help support small local businesses. Whether it’s getting takeout from local restaurants, shopping small from online boutiques or buying gift cards for services you’ll use in the future.

📍 Be the Resource > The Realtor: Let people know how your businesses is evolving and offer virtual buyer & seller consults! Your sphere wants to hear from you!

📍 Host a virtual local business happy hour: Ask local biz owners to comment how you can spread the word about their biz

📍 Work from home tips: We are used to working from home but many people right now are not! Share how you stay focused and give tips for working from home for those who aren’t used to it.⁣

📍 Ask engaging questions to start conversations.. “If you could only watch 1 show for an entire year, what would you pick?” or “What is your favorite room in your house and why?” These are great for your personal Facebook pages & Facebook groups.⁣

📍 Share a list of movies or TV shows to watch or list of books to dig into.

📍 Post a pic of you & how you’re spending your time – projects with your kiddos, binge listening to your fav podcast, movie marathon with the hubby – share what you’re doing in real life and let people in!⁣

Your content doesn’t always need to be “real estate-y”. People will connect with you on a personal level when you share your real life, Netflix go-to’s & behind the scenes of your business! Focus on connecting, having conversations, staying in front of people and being a resource in any way you can!