When I was a junior in high school I landed my dream job. 

Abercrombie & Fitch cashier.

Seriously – it had been my dream since 6th grade! (Pretty typical for a 12 year old girl from Wisconsin, right?)

I was so excited to work there! I got to work at the mall, wear the clothes, inhale the insane amounts of fragrance, and check people out at the register. Truly a childhood dream come true! 

But it didn’t take me long to realize that A&F wanted everyone to blend together and look the same. They literally paid and encouraged everyone to wear the same clothes. Which I happily did at the time – thank you, 30% employee discount!

Fast forward to when I started my real estate career. I walked into my first office meeting eager to see what the whole real estate thing was about!  

Young and eager to fit the mold – I looked around and took mental notes of who everyone was and what everyone was wearing. 

Blazers. Pencil skirts. High heels. Suit coats. 

You get the jist. 

At the time my biggest fear was sticking out as “the new agent”. I dreaded being asked, “How long have you been in real estate?” Or “How many houses have you sold this year?” 

So I followed what I learned at A&F and did what I knew best – bought exactly what everyone else was wearing.

“Because the best way to be successful in real estate is to wear what the successful agents are wearing!” 

Said no one. Ever!

One trip to Express, 8 blazers, and a credit card bill (that I definitely couldn’t afford) later – I was ready to blend in with every other agent at my office. SUCCESS!  

Except – I hate wearing blazers. I don’t like wearing high heels and they’re totally impractical for a career in real estate. 

I was so worried about sticking out because I was new, that I completely cast myself and what I actually like aside. And in the process – ended up with 8 different colors of the same blazer that I would never wear again. 

What I learned – it’s normal to want to blend in! In fact, it’s human instinct. BUT in a saturated market – it’s the exact opposite of what we should do. 

“In a crowded marketplace fitting in is a failure. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible.” – Seth Godin

So how do you stand out when there are so many people doing what you do? 

In this episode of the Marketing Bar Podcast, I break down: 

  • How do you stand out when there are so many people doing what you do? 
  • The reason people will actually hire you – HINT: it’s not just because of your job title. 
  • How to be someone’s favorite follow on social media. 
  • The Brand Menu. MASC members know this like the back of their hands! 
  • What items belong on your Brand Menu? 
  • How to make the perfect Marketing Cocktail! 
  • What’s included in my brand menu (listen to the full episode to hear how I accidentally added a coffee shop to my brand menu)


  1. Start with your stories – The perfect way to help you decide what your categories are going to be and establish consistency. 
  2. Weave your categories into your business posts*
  3. Incorporate it into your email list (and your freebies)* – TO SEE HOW I DO THIS FOR YOURSELF – GET THE WEEKLY SIP. 
  4. Infuse a splash of your categories into your captions and calls to action*
  5. Incorporate it as props in your content (and in your photoshoots!)

*Listen to the full episode for ALL THE examples (:

If you take anything away from this podcast – REMEMBER you are so much more than your job title! You get to decide what you’re remembered and known for on social media. 

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