I hadn’t even seen the house yet, but deep down I knew. I turned to my (now) husband and said, “I think I want to live here.” 

That is my first memory of our current home. 

We were driving alongside the lake, on the way to our showing. The sun was setting, the leaves transforming into their vibrant fall colors – the vibes were immaculate. And it all hit me. I could picture our lives together in the town and I was ready to “say yes to the address” (seriously – without even seeing the house, I was sold!)  

Yes, our house is great. But the true selling point was the lifestyle we would have there.

Fast forward a few years, I wanted to capture the feeling I had while cruising around the lake with my husband. That feeling of excitement for the future and of knowing “this is for us”. And I wanted to use it as my approach in my career in real estate. 

I didn’t want to just sell houses. I wanted to paint a picture of the experiences and lifestyles my clients would have in the homes they purchased with me. 

And that’s exactly what I did! 

Unfortunately, not enough people are taking this approach in their own businesses. 

Every day when I’m scrolling through Instagram, I’m inundated with “Just Sold” and “Just Listed” posts that real estate agents copy, paste, and click post on without another thought. 

And every day – I scroll right past them. 

Without engaging or even taking a second look (because honestly – it’s a total snooze fest.)

What’s missing from these posts? THE STORY. 

There’s nothing compelling about a picture of a house with the words “Just Sold” pasted over the top of it. (That would be like FOX posting the final score of the Super Bowl with the picture of the trophy, without letting anyone watch the game!)

There’s so much more to the story than a sold sign, a signed contract, or a popped bottle of champagne.

In reality, your best content comes from real life! But if you’re only sharing those “sold sign” or trophy moments, it could be costing you clients. 

You can talk about your industry and how to buy a house all day long. But when you talk about your clients and their journeys – that will be the content that resonates with future clients. AND bonus – you are already living this content every single day. 

Grab your journal and a pen – you’re going to want to take notes for this workshop style episode of the Marketing Bar podcast! In this episode, I challenge you to remember why you’re posting in the first place, teach 5 tips to infuse story-telling into your social strategy, AND give you 3 caption templates (that use my story-telling tips) to customize and practice infusing into your own feed! Time to start thinking like a marketer, because you’re not selling houses in 1983! 


  1. Ask yourself – why would a future client care about this story? 
  2. Don’t start the story at the beginning. 
  3. Cut the fluff and get to the point! (Friends reference included in the show)
  4. Keep ‘em hooked!
  5. Serve it up TikTok style. 

Listen to the full episode to dive deeper into each tip and for examples about how to implement all 5 into your content. 

After listening to the full episode and customizing the caption templates – you’ll have the tools to create social media content that inspires action, conveys your expertise, and turns your people into clients! 

PS: Story-telling doesn’t mean you have to disclose your clients identities or use their photos. There are examples in this episode that illustrate how to keep confidentiality while still sharing real life experiences.