I was casually scrolling my inbox when a tiny envelope icon appeared. It was an email from a friend I know through Modern Agent Social Club

I clicked *open* and read that she’s starting another business in addition to her career in real estate (amazing!!) She wanted to know, “what are three things you would do, if you could start your business all over today?” 

Immediately my wheels were spinning, and my fingers sprung into action typing up a well thought out response. 

But, even after hearing the *woosh* sound of my sent reply, I couldn’t stop thinking about her question, my answer, and how I immediately wanted to share it with you, too! 

Thus, today’s episode of the Marketing Bar podcast was born – 5 things I would do if I restarted my business tomorrow. 

In this episode – I’m giving you the shortcut to avoid the distractions that held me back in my business – with a few things I’m glad I did along the way, too. 

It’s what I wish someone would have told me when I was starting out AND what I’m glad I did and would do (if I had to do it all over) again. 

The 5 things I would do if I restarted my business tomorrow (press play on the episode for a deep dive on all 5 things.)

  1. Lean in to what you’re really good at
  2. Know that you don’t need “fancy stuff” to be successful
  3. Build an email list (not just a social media following) *one of the best decisions I made AND something I will always do
  4. Name your product / business something that resonates with the audience you want to have
  5. You need an audience before you start selling *another thing I’m glad I did and would do again

Whether you’re pivoting – not like Ross, Chandler, & Rachel – into a new career, starting a business, in a rut in your current business, or just looking for some inspiration on what to do next – press play on this episode. 

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Things I mentioned in the show: 


Nightingale – Kristin Hannah

The Great Alone – Kristin Hannah

MY FAVORITE AUTHOR: Elin Hildebrand 

WHAT’S NEXT ON MY READING LIST: The Villa – Rachel Hawkins