Have you ever thought…

“Should I even bother emailing my database?” 

“Will people even read this email or are they just going to auto-delete it with the rest of them?”

“What if people unsubscribe from my database?”

“I’m already posting on social media. What’s the point of emailing?”

Well – put on your slippers, pour a glass of (whatever you feel like sipping on), and get cozy. You’ve officially been invited to join me… in my inbox! 

Sorry I didn’t clean up before you came over – it’s a little messy in here. I wish I were the “inbox zero” kinda gal, but in reality my inbox is full of so many gems like…

Book recommendations, articles I’m obsessing over, content ideas (from me, to me), stores reminding me to buy the pair of shoes that I forgot about in my cart last night. Overall – it’s full of really good marketing! (And some junk, too.) 

But in today’s episode – we’re sticking to the really good marketing! 

I’m addressing your reservations about email marketing (like the four “Negative Nelly” thoughts I mentioned above). 

I’m sharing 4 of my favorite emails to receive (listen to the episode to find out WHY): 

  • Jen at Tonic Site Shop
  • Laura Belgray of The Talking Shrimp
  • Kaitlyn Parker of Copy Uncorked
  • James Clear author of Atomic Habits

And giving you 7 takeaways to infuse into your own email marketing strategy (full breakdown in the episode): 

  1. Name it
  2. Create a framework
  3. Keep your delivery consistent
  4. Infuse your personality
  5. Loop it back to social media
  6. Drive it back to your business
  7. Remember that there are templates available – like the ones we have at Modern Agent Social Club! (EMAIL TEMPLATE FOR YOU TO STEAL – INCLUDED BELOW)

*Take notes on today’s episode so you can implement the magic from these four emailers & my 7 takeaways into your own email strategy!

Why email marketing matters: 

Email marketing is so much more than just sending out a spammy newsletter so your name shows up in an inbox *cue the sigh of dread & immediate unsubscribe* We want to email our databases in a way that makes people excited for more. 

Email marketing is not something you do for 2-3 weeks and then stop. It’s something you’ll do as long as you have your business. 

And because dissecting really good emails (and marketing) and telling other people about it is one of my favorite pastimes (;

Have fun sippin’ on today’s episode! 

Things I mentioned in the show: 

MY EMAIL LIST (The Weekly Sip) – Get it here

Jen at Tonic Site Shop – Follow her on IG | Get on her email list 

Laura Belgray – Talking Shrimp – Follow her on IG | Get on her email list

Kaitlyn Parker – Copy Uncorked – Follow her on IG | Get on her email list 

James Clear – Follow him on IG | Get on his email list 

Blog post – The Lady with the Mahi Salad 

Flodesk – 50% off your first year

THE EMAIL TEMPLATE – steal this to customize & send it to your own database!


*FIRST NAME*, are you a quitter too?

Homeowners, this one’s a must read!

Here’s why I stopped DIY forever 

Locals: Don’t miss our Easter Egg Hunt


Hi “insert name”!

PHOTO IDEA: Share a photo of your DIY project gone wrong, or if you don’t have one, a picture of you doing what you do best (real estate!)

(Share a story about a DIY project gone wrong for you or steal mine)

A few years ago I wanted to surprise my husband and hang up his new tv on the wall. I purchased the tv mount and when he was gone one night, I grabbed our drill, skimmed the directions, and got to work.

I was a little intimidated, I won’t lie, but it didn’t take long and before I knew it, the tv was up and I sat on the couch, eager to test it out.

As soon as I went to change the channel, I heard a creak. And within seconds, that tv (and the mount) had crashed onto the floor.

That was the day I quit.

I quit trying to DIY everything. Yes, I’ll still hang up lightweight artwork, but anything heavier than 10 pounds I’m leaving to the professionals.

My time and money (and dignity) are better spent hiring a pro and staying in my zone of genius (selling houses and picking out paint colors).

When it comes to your biggest investment (your home), don’t DIY your way through the transaction. Hire a professional you trust (who sends you great emails like this! 😉 ) to do what they do best.

Staycation 2023: Where to stay and what to do in CITY NAME

Staycations are a time and budget friendly option to enjoy a retreat, and lucky for you, I put together a list of amazing Airbnb’s found right here in CITY NAME. 






Pssst…Want to do more than hang out in your adorable Airbnb? I put together a list of fav local spots in my Local Guide! Download your guide here and have fun touring our town **LOCAL GUIDE CAN BE FOUND IN THE MARKETING CAMPAIGNS SECTION OF THE WEBSITE**



P.S. If you can’t help yourself and still want to work on your home, good news!  I have a 12 Month Homeowner Checklist just for you! Reply to this email if you want your free copy!

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