You may know her from your other favorite podcast – Hustle Humbly. But I know her as my online business bestie and email accountability buddy.

She’s a Realtor, podcast host, online business owner, wife, (human & dog) mama, rap enthusiast, and sweet tea & chocolate chip cookie addict!

Yeah, you guessed it. It’s the notorious – Katy Caldwell! 

In episode 8 of Marketing Bar podcast, I sit down *virtually* with Katy to jump into incredible topics like: 

  • Work life balance
  • Running multiple businesses
  • Stress-saving systems
  • Passions projects
  • Hustle culture 
  • Imposter syndrome
  • And of course, emails!

One of my favorite things Katy said in the episode: “If you would feel sad that it ended, then you’re on the right path.”

After this episode, you can pretty much consider us your new online business besties.

Thanks for sippin’ on today’s episode with us! 

Things we mentioned in the show: 

Our Guest – Katy Caldwell (@katykcaldwell)

Hustle Humbly Podcast *the podcast Katy co-hosts!

Agent Systems 101 *Katy’s course to help agents systematize in their biz!*

Link to join Katy’s email list 

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