You’ve probably seen it just as much as I have. 

By “it”, I mean the thousands of reels, TikToks, stories, and posts of Swifties living their best lives at the Eras Tour! 

Whether it was the Nashville concert she performed in the pouring rain or the Philadelphia show where she debuted Bad Blood (Security Guard’s Version)IYKYK. 

Let’s be honest, other artists don’t top the charts or sell out stadiums the way she does. 

But why? It’s because she’s mastered what most other artists haven’t! 

The business, branding, and marketing (all rooted in relationships!) No parts of the Eras Tour (or Taylor’s career) are happening by chance. It is all a result of strategic planning, marketing, and tapping into her loyal fan base. 

Yes, of course she’s an amazing singer, songwriter, performer, artist, future author?, (and a few other things I’m probably forgetting). But among these, she is also an amazing business woman – and we all can take notes from her strategies and infuse a thing or two into our own marketing! 

In this episode I’m joined by MASC Content Director, Kayla Fox (our first repeat guest – whoop whoop!) We unpack the genius that is Taylor Swift, her business, her success, and how to infuse her methods into your business (no matter what era you’re in!)

We cover everything from her brand menu and loyal community to her lyrics and storytelling ability. Then we put a Marketing Bar twist on it so you can use her methods too!  

Grab a notebook & pen, pour a glass of something sparkling, and press play on this fun episode! 

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