Think of a place that you absolutely love to go.

You might be thinking of…

The local coffee shop with the double sided fireplace, comfy leather chairs, and best latte. 

Or perhaps you’re thinking of the spa. With the aroma of essential oils diffusing in the air and the most refreshing / relaxing facial of all time! 

Or maybe it’s that one hotel you went to a few years ago, and you’ve been dreaming of going back ever since! They had the best customer service, greeted you with a cocktail, and waited on you hand and foot at the pool. 

It could even be the local restaurant with the best fish fry and ice cold lemonade. Your go-to place on a Friday night. Where you can show up in your leggings, eat good food, and relax after a long week. 

Okay, you’ve got your place in mind?

Now, I want you to look them up on Instagram. 

Does the in-person experience translate through from their IG grid? 

Hopefully, yes! 

Most likely, it doesn’t even come close. 


This workshop style episode of the Marketing Bar podcast is all about diving into questions that will help you determine your brand personality and how to bring it to life on Instagram. 

This episode is for you if you’ve ever said (or thought) one of these things about your brand:

“I get really caught up on what colors to use.” 

“I can’t decide on what font to use.” 

“I can’t decide on my logo.” 

“But once I have these things figured out, THEN I’ll make my marketing materials. Because then I’ll have it all figured out!” 

Newsflash! A brand is so much more than its colors and fonts and logos. The aesthetics are just one piece of the puzzle. A brand is the experience it provides. After listening to this episode, you’ll know your brand’s personality and know how to bring that vibe over to Instagram! 

The 5 prompts we’ll analyze to help you identify your brand personality: 

What would your brand look like as a Pinterest board? 

If your brand were a physical space, what would it be like? (Get creative using all 5 of your senses – sight, sound, feel, smell, taste)

What emojis would make up your brand? 

What props would represent your brand? 

What does ChatGPT say about your brand vibe? 

Things I mention in the show: 

Off the Vine / Kaityn Bristowe

Mallory Ervin 

Thanks for liking my posts mug

Your local, creative, strategic, Modern Agent mug

Pizza, Champagne, Homeowners Crew

Modern Agent Merch Shop 

Chat GPT – Let AI help you refine your brand identity (listen to the full episode for questions I asked about my own brand)

BONUS: A throwback IG post I wrote that pairs well with today’s episode!