Last week I experienced a “pinch me!” moment.

My first ‘business baby’, Modern Agent Social Club turned 5! 

It still seems crazy to say! 

My husband and I celebrated by popping champagne and reflecting over the last 5 years and what it’s brought us (both personally and professionally). 

Professionally: our dream business, an amazing team, and systems and SOPs that we established through LOTS of trial and error. 

Personally: we paid off student loans, got married, bought the family farm, and celebrated the birth of our son, Henry (to name a few things). 

And we celebrated that we are among the 50% of small businesses that actually survive their first five years. 

As we sipped our champagne, huddled over the baby monitor and chatted about the last 5 years, it struck me… 

My “why” for starting Modern Agent Social Club has come to fruition. 

My why: freedom to design my life, freedom to travel, and the freedom to be a mom. 

For that reason, this episode is dedicated to Modern Agent Social Club and my 5 keys to success as an online business. 

Tune in to the full episode to join me as we celebrate this milestone and while I share these 5 keys to success: 

  1. Personality is your biggest competitive advantage. 
  2. Action gets results and motion does not. Knowing the difference between the two is life changing.  
  3. The right time will never come. 
  4. Repel as much as you attract. 
  5. Build a community around your brand.

Things I mention in the show: 

Modern Agent Social Club

James Clear’s Idea of Action vs. Motion

 The Modern Agent Merch Shop