What’s your favorite show? 

Friends? The Office? Big Bang Theory? Greys Anatomy

Friends is my go-to! I also love The Big Bang Theory and Gilmore Girls, but the show(s) I choose to watch depend on my mood, the time of day / year, etc. 

We all have our favorites for different reasons! 

But, can you imagine if The Office tried to recreate the characters, storylines, and dynamics from Friends?

It wouldn’t work! 

Fans of Friends would probably boycott. And The Office definitely wouldn’t be as popular as it is now. 

What’s made each show successful is their dedication to staying in their own lanes and being uniquely themselves! 

In this episode of the Marketing Bar podcast, I’m talking about why being different is better than ‘out-doing’ your competition. 

Because too often we look at other people in our industry and try to replicate what they do. Whether it’s a reel they posted, their branding, or simply trying to replicate the success they have. 

Instead of looking outward, what if we turned into ourselves? 

And focused on what we like, what we’re good at, and who we are to attract our right fit clients.

Instead of trying to be better, let’s be different!

The only thing you have to do to be different – BE YOURSELF. 

Sally Hogshead said it best, “It’s good to be better. But it’s better to be different.” 

Listen to the full episode and hear me explain how to use your personality to stand out and break down this Instagram post (If Friends Characters Were Modern Agents) and why their marketing works! 

Here’s a preview! 


Rachel – Selling the City in Style

Joey – The Bachelor Pad Agent

Ross – Dig Into Homeownership

Phoebe – Your Real Estate Lobster

Chandler – Could I be any happier to be your agent? 

Monica – Hotel Monica Certified


  1. Personality infusion
  2. Speaking to their ideal clients
  3. Connecting with their ideal client 
  4. Call to action

After you listen (and take notes on this episode), take a picture of your favorite show. Then add a poll to your stories to see which shows your audience loves! 

If you’re feeling extra, infuse a few things from your favorite show into your next post! 


“It’s good to be better. But it’s better to be different.” Sally Hogshead 

My favorite leggings – Lululemon Aligns 

Lululemon: Dupe Swap article

Laura Belgray’s (Talking Shrimp) book 

If Friends Were Modern Agents – IG post

PS: If you spend a lot of time fending off copycats – remember, they’ll always be one step behind and you’ll do it differently because you’re you!