Growing up, I always wanted to be a mom. 

Scratch that!

I always wanted to be a stay at home mom. But somewhere along the way I fell in love with marketing, entrepreneurship and the opportunities that came with it.

When I had my son, Henry on Halloween last year, I knew I wanted to stay home part time with him! I had a laptop, babies slept a lot (right?) and even though I had a lot of responsibility in my business, I also had total flexibility (thank you modern marketing).

The moms on Instagram made it look do-able! Like that balance between mom life and work life is as easy as switching between browser tabs. Baby naps, mom crosses 10 things off her to do list and creates 18 reels!

After Henry was born, I quickly realized that it wasn’t as easy as it often looked! Creating reels when you haven’t showered in 3 days and got a very interrupted night of sleep isn’t something that will ever be easy for me (or do-able)!

So I had to experiment, try new things, and find my own way of juggling motherhood as a CEO. 

I love my time with my baby and I also enjoy working!

This episode is an inside look at tips & takeaways I’ve learned from my (almost) first full year of motherhood AND the things that have been an absolute game changer!

Listen to the full episode to hear about my favorite products and tools since having Henry that have made my life and running my business easier. And keep reading for the links to all of them! 

No matter what stage of life you’re in, I hope this inspires you to find your own ways to simplify your life and your business! 


Adding extra days of childcare. 

Being more intentional with what I’m purchasing. 

Outsourcing and getting help whenever I can. Anything to save time! 

Realizing I don’t need to do everything / have everything “because Instagram said so.” 

Setting up different play spots throughout the house.

Using my every day mom content to relate to my industry (listen for examples on how you can too!)

Remembering my why. 


Formula maker – Baby Brezza

Seat that attaches to the counter / table 

My Kindle with the side buttons

Bean Bag Chair – Pottery Barn Kids (where Henry drinks his bottles)

Lovevery Subscription – Toys for Every Milestone 

The Tonic Site Template I just bought – (this is a commissionable link) – GET IT 15% OFF WITH CODE MODERN AGENT

The Barbie Brand Jen Olmstead made using ^^this^^ Tonic Template

Modern Agent Social Club – to make your life easier (like the Tonic Site templates do!)

Little Spoon Smoothies (Henry’s favorite – Banana Bread & Tahini)

Serenity Kids Pouches

Solid Starts App

Literati Book Subscription

Green Chef Meal Subscription

Factor 75 Meals

*I DO NOT MAKE COMMISSION FROM THESE LINKS at the time of this recording – unless otherwise noted* But let this be a reminder to set up affiliate links when you share stuff you love 🙂