Katy Caldwell is back! 

This time, as the first in-person guest on the Marketing Bar podcast! You heard all about her business and systems in Episode 8 (How to Build a Business You Love Without the Overwhelm). Or maybe you know her from Hustle Humbly where she co-hosts with Alissa to bring agents immeasurable value each week. 

When she’s not putting my cookbooks in rainbow order, she and her husband / podcast producer Jay and their two kids love to travel. 

Specifically to meet Marc & I on the beaches of Rosemary Beach, FL. This time they came to our house in Wisconsin where we showed them around our charming downtown, took boat rides around the lake, and traded stories over snacks and wine. 

Prior to recording this episode, Katy and I put an “ask us anything” sticker on our IG stories, so you could ask us your burning questions about business, life, and social media. In this episode, Katy and I are answering your questions and chatting about TONS of other topics we get asked about. 


How do you find motivation and stay on top of social media when life / work is crazy? 

Do you get overwhelmed when you don’t post for a while? And how do you start back up when you haven’t posted for a while? 

I don’t know what my Brand Menu should be. Can I change it later? 

Should I have 1 Instagram account or 2 (to keep personal & business separate)? 

If I were starting from scratch (or trying to determine my pinned posts), what 3 posts should I create? 

How networking online and building community led to the friendship Katy & I have and how can anyone do it!

How did you start your biz besties, accountability calls?


Treating TikTok like your Instagram stories

Why sharing mac & cheese is needle moving

A postcard that I got and why we have such strong feelings about it

The content you should post to get your dream clients

Why you should read the whole recipe before you start cooking 

Why brand menus are the easiest thing to create (Katy’s quote for this is everything!)

Evolving your brand menu and infusing seasonal aspects into it

Formulas for a good bio 

How Katy got featured in a magazine because of her bookshelf styling

Why your name and face need to be in your Instagram grid

Using your content to speak to the people you actually want to work with

Being a real estate robot vs. being the real you 

Getting inspiration from other people and putting your own spin on it

What to do if you’re feeling stuck

Infusing personality into listings

Collaborating with other business owners

Putting your brand menu in your email signature

Our thoughts on masterminds & group accountability

Should emails be sent the same day every week? 


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