Working from home has its upsides and its downsides. 

For instance, getting to work in a comfortable environment. But also getting distracted by the sink full of dirty dishes and toys that need to be picked up. 

Then there’s not having a drive to work. You might think this is an upside, but here’s why it’s a downside for me.

The drive to work is like the shower. It’s where all of my best ideas happen! 

The windows cracked, cool morning air whistling in. Coffee in a to-go tumbler. And a business podcast playing over the speakers. 

Since working from home, I’ve had to craft my own version of the “drive to work.” Which basically consists of me driving to the town over for coffee while listening to a podcast. 

Unfortunately, there’s not an ironclad way for me to *safely* record the ideas that pop into my head while I’m driving. If only my car had a way to record my ideas and send them to my phone.

I’ve tried asking Siri to ‘remind me’ via a voice memo, but almost every time they come out jumbled and I can’t remember what my initial idea was. 

Even still, those morning car rides get my creative juices (and tons of ideas) flowing!

In this episode, I’m sharing 7 ways I find creative inspiration and how to get in the creative zone! 

After today you’ll feel super creative and have dozens of ideas to help spark creativity in your business. 


  1. Step away from the phone: Go for a walk, go grab a coffee, go for a drive – just GO! Getting out of the office or house and outside into the sunlight is the best way to get your brain going!
  2. Watch a show, movie or fiction book and relate it to your industry in some way
  3. Look at what’s trending on TikTok or Twitter (or X as they call themselves now). “Hi Barbie!”
  4. Looking OUTSIDE my industry for inspiration
  5. Use metaphors to things you love (ie: How choosing a wine is like choosing your REALTOR)
  6. Keep a running Google Doc to jot down seasonal titles, topics, subject lines that stick out
  7. Romanticize it – turn it into an experience

And LASTLY, just DO SOMETHING! Forcing yourself to sit down and write that email will likely get the creative juices flowing. Sometimes you just have to DO!

MY BIGGEST TIP: Look at your life as CONTENT and this will become second nature!

Grab a notebook and your favorite beverage and get ready to get creative!


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