Did you know you can get real estate clients by sharing what you love (like watching The Bachelor?!) 

That’s exactly what today’s guest did. In fact, she’s turned ONE conversation about The Bachelor into FOUR real estate transactions. 

And she’s not an anomaly. You can do it too! 

In this episode of Marketing Bar, I’m joined by long-time Modern Agent Social Club member, Taylor Oldham and we dive deep into her strategies, brand menu, and dozens of topics that revolve around her marketing success as an agent. 

Taylor is a rockstar at making her Instagram content relatable, and she’s THE BEST at highlighting her client experience in a way that creates major FOMO. A quick scroll through her IG feed, you’ll know that her brand menu consists of champagne celebrations, reality TV, coffee chats, closing gifts from Target, and all things local content!

Check out her Instagram here! 


  • The Golden Bachelor (because we just had to)
  • How (AND why) she shook things up with her marketing
  • The benefit of getting clients from social media vs. old school marketing 
  • Creating a FOMO effect by showcasing your client experience on social media
  • How she decided what to include in her brand menu (AND relating those things back to real estate) 
  • The importance of having an accountability buddy in your biz
  • Lifestyle marketing and how she does it! 
  • Tools she uses, and how she approaches planning her social media content 
  • Her favorite features from Modern Agent Social Club and the freebies (marketing campaigns / lead magnets) that grow her database
  • Her advice to anyone who’s just starting out
  • What she sees agents doing WRONG on social media
  • Who’s in her database? 
  • How she knows what to include in her emails? 
  • Her social media pet peeves. 
  • The red flags she looks out for when qualifying clients
  • The difference between using MASC and the generic copy, paste memberships. 


Marketing Bar – Episode 3: How to Build An Uncopyable Brand

The Top 10 List – for marketing the lifestyle of your listing – one of the many freebies included with a membership to MASC

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Email Templates 101 – The templates Taylor uses in her biz that get her compliments from clients AND other agents!