You know those friends who support you, before your dreams come true – just because they see your vision and love you, for you? 

This guest is one of those friends for me! She’s been a day 1 supporter and was even one of the very first members of Modern Agent Social Club. In fact, she’s been around before it was even called Modern Agent Social Club! (A real OG – if there ever was one!)

I’m chatting with my friend, Kristina Mollo Dunn! 

We talk about her lifestyle and personality infused approach that includes “Closing Day dances”, legendary closing gifts, the perfect balance mom life & real estate, an off the cuff approach, and so much more! 

Here’s a preview: 

Her history in the wedding industry and how first time buyers are SO similar to brides & grooms!

The legendary touch points she has set up throughout each transaction! 

The juggling act between motherhood and real estate life.

Her personality infused, off the cuff approach and why it works so well for her.

The lead magnets she uses to connect with new people (AND to give value to her current clients!)

Her brand menu and how it has evolved over time. 

Snag your fav beverage (or 3, if you’re a fellow beverage goblin) and listen in as we deep dive into all of these topics and more!