Welcome to Part 3 of 5 in the Sip, Plan & Story Tell Series 🍷✏️ 📖

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Our goal is to CONNECT MORE in 2024 (so you can convert more in 2024) 😊

And today I’m giving you 5 SUPER SIMPLE tips to add to your content to help it reach the right people and get them excited about following YOU (aka connect + convert)!

Ready? Here we go!

STEP 1: Add a MINI BIO SLIDE to your carousel posts (like these)

This is a SUPER simple way to tell people WHAT they can expect to see on your account while also speaking directly to the people you’d love to connect with more!

STEP 2: Add your mini bio to your captions: Take that same mini bio that you write and add it to the ends of your captions with “follow @yourhandle for more xyz”

That way if someone is binge consuming your content, you’ll have that little reminder popped in for them to click follow

STEP 3: Pick an on brand prop that you weave into your content (this would also work great in the mini bios)!

For example, I love a good glass of wine and I’ve made it part of my brand.

This email series is called The Weekly Sip, I film a lot of reels where I’m pouring wine, I reference wine in my bio / about me section on my website or sometimes I have a glass of wine right in the photo which works too!

What can you incorporate into your brand that will connect and make you memorable? Pick ONE THING to start!

(your dog, yoga, cold pizza, yoga pants, bookclub, Grey’s Anatomy)

STEP 4: Do a weekly day in the life in your stories!

This will help you break out of a rut (if you’re in one), will help you bring people behind the scenes more intentionally, AND give you more permanent content ideas because you’ll see what people respond to throughout your day!

*Go ahead and schedule this for TOMORROW! 🎥 (treat it like your own little reality TV show)

STEP 5: Do something consistently EVERY SINGLE WEEK ON THE EXACT SAME DAY!

Start with an “Ask Me Anything” sticker! Give some ideas / examples on the screen of what people could ask you about to give them something to work with or spark interest in what you could possible share more about!

BEFORE YOU DO ANY OF THE ABOVE (I see you on the other side of the screen already customizing those mini bio slides)!

I want you to think about THIS: Who do you want to reach?

That is what this all comes down to.

When your goal is to connect, you want to make sure you’re connecting with the right people (the people who you’d LOVE to convert into clients/students/members/customers someday!)

Here is an example..

There is this viral reel idea going around right now, The “POV: You _ and you find my account” (I’m sure you’ve seen it but here are some examples so we are on the same page)!

EXAMPLE 1: POV: You’re a mom over 30 looking for ways to cut time in half doing daily tasks and feel put together effortlessly and you find my account

EXAMPLE 2: POV: You’re a busy mom who wants to be comfortable, practical and chic and you find my account

(um clearly I’m a busy mom who wants to save time and have cute outfits)!

I’m a little over this trend TBH, BUT there’s so much we can learn from it!

Because while I’ve seen so many that make me think OMG YES! FOLLOWING NOW (like the ones above)!

I’ve also seen so many that missed the mark!

They weren’t talking to the right people or it was too vague OR their content on their feed didn’t accurately reflect what their POV post said!

The biggest learning lesson: You can’t be afraid to be SPECIFIC if you want your messaging to work!

So whether you’re crafting a mini bio, your regular bio or you’re putting your own spin on a trending reel, BE SPECIFIC!

Don’t be afraid to include the wine reference, talk to that busy ceo mama or book club girlie – whatever it is – narrow it down so it CLICKS!

It might take some tweaking to get your messaging down but that is what I’ll be back to talk about in PART 4 🙂


PS: The photo below sums up exactly why those POV reels spoke to me so perfectly!

Me, on my way to 9:30 church (& Henry’s Child Dedication) with a mug of coffee, a Stanley cup, scrambled eggs in a tupperware (because I’m trying to eat bf before coffee right now 😬) and an outfit I didn’t feel good in because I waited until the last second to plan it out!!

Think of you “ideal customer” on their way out the door or on a busy day of work – how could your service, product, membership, etc. help them?! 🤔