Welcome to Part 2 of 5 in the Sip, Plan & Story Tell Series 🍷✏️ πŸ“–

πŸ‘€ ICYMI, you can read Part 1 to the 5-Part Email series HERE

LONG GONE are the days of:

-just having a “presence” on social media
-having cute graphics about your business / services
-using social media like a personal billboard
-outbound engagement (without an active account yourself)

(these things never worked actually but maybe they looked like they did) 😬


-being human (the same one your clients would talk to on a zoom call)
-focusing on building a personal brand (one people come to know, remember and love)
-committing for the long haul (you have to commit and keep showing up. Powerful personal brands aren’t built overnight) πŸ”‹
-CONNECTION (you have to connect if you want to eventually convert – and that’s the BEST part about all of this)

So let’s talk about it!

HOW do you stand out from all the noise and actually connect with the other humans (who you’d love to work with someday) on social media?

Connection Before Conversion IN ACTION πŸ’¨

Here’s an example of content that focuses on connection:

Try a GRWM “for work” reel. What do you do to get ready for a work day? Whether you’re throwing on sweats, a puffy vest and a cute hat and heading to your home office

OR you’re meeting clients in person at a local coffee shop

you can document (and share) how you’re getting ready for your day of work.

Add in those “must haves” for your morning, the mug you drink your coffee out of, the package of gummy worms always sitting in your desk drawer – share the real, mundane stuff.

Here are 3 more ways you can immediately add personality to your content:

1 – Add props to your pictures / videos / stories:

If you’re obsessed with Chick-Fil-A, snap a picture of your to-go bag in the front seat. If you’re an avid reader, showcase what’s on your bookshelf.

Record a video pouring your favorite drink. Playing with your babies & pets. The possibilities here are endless.

(ie: You are a CEO mama helping other mama entrepreneurs grow their business beyond their wildest dreams! You record b-roll video clips that showcase mom life and you pair them with tips about growing a successful biz with a baby in tow)!

2 – Sprinkle your REAL LIFE content into your business content: Like my friend Tori Sprankel says, “Your brand is built on DND”.

SO what are you doing when you’re not working that can ultimately become part of your personal brand?

(ie: You’re usually reading 5 books at once, sipping on a yummy mocktail and doing your 5 step skincare routine before bed – take video clips of these real life moments and pair them with your content that speaks to your niche)!

3 – Signature Emojis: What emojis represent your brand? Incorporate then into places like your bio, your captions, your reels (with the text on top), and in your emails! πŸ₯‚πŸͺ©βœ¨πŸ·πŸ’Ž

*Back to that “GRWM to design a website for a client” reel I mentioned above – add that text to the beginning of your reel PLUS your signature emojis πŸ™‚

3 Content Ideas I’m Obsessed With RIGHT NOW (rooted in CONNECTION) 🍷

  1. GRWM Reels (infused with WHO you are, WHAT you do, and behind the scenes of your life).

Cecily Bauchmann does these and I can’t stop watching (but you can do YOUR OWN SPIN)!

  1. Carousels with REAL LIFE PHOTOS & “labels” describing each slide LIKE THIS
  2. Aesthetic video slides within a carousel post (bringing VIDEO TO CAROUSELS – HECK YES) – LIKE THIS
  3. A LITTLE PERSONAL + A LITTLE BIZ (this should be my life motto tbh) and this one was fun (plus grew my email list at the same time)!!