Cheers to 2024 and the FIRST Weekly Sip of the new year, Chelsea 🥂

Weekly Sip Table of Contents:

📖 This email is PART 1 OF 5 of our 2024 marketing kickoff series: Sip, Plan & Storytell 📈

🔑 Positioning yourself like this punny dental office
🍕 HOT marketing predictions (a sneak peek)
🎧 (NEW) Podcast Episode: My 2024 Marketing Predictions
🍷 The Binge Worthy Sip List
👋 A personal update

Every week I text my cousin the slogan on the local dental office sign

The week of Christmas it said: “Merry Christmas ya filthy enamel” 😂🦷

Now this sign isn’t JUST for laughs

They also happen to be located on a frontage road right off the main interstate in the BEST possible location for their ideal customers (patients?)

So they leverage their great location to GET THE ATTENTION of the bazillion cars that drive by every single day (smart).

Even if you don’t go there, you know it and you look for the pun! It’s like the comic section of the Sunday paper on your morning commute

(side note: I text my cousin the weekly slogans because she’s in her final year of dental school and dreams of having a similar sign someday when she opens her own practice – #dentistgoals)

Why am I telling you this?

Because to build a super successful business (your dream business) – YOU HAVE TO MARKET IT.

Whether you’re a website designer, a copywriter, a real estate agent, a photographer, a veterinary clinic, or a cool dentist.

Plain. And. Simple.

Your business has to first GET ATTENTION, be recognized, known and remembered before anyone ever hires you.

But knowing HOW to market it isn’t always so straightforward.

You might not have a prime brick and mortar location with a cool light up sign that gets tons of eyeballs just standing there (must be nice!)

But what you DO have is social media 🫶 AND the ability to help the algorithm position you in YOUR best location

And that my friend, is even better – I promise.

While social media can feel overwhelming, noisy and complicated, I want to help un-complicate it for you (over the next couple of emails)

Starting with, what is IN for 2024? What should you focus on this year so you can stay in your lane and ignore the noise?

(because ignoring the noise is half the battle if we’re being honest!)


(the rest can be found on THIS podcast episode)

1️⃣ Connection Before Conversion

Whether it’s online or in person, you have to make a connection before a conversion happens.

Think of it like a cocktail party. You wouldn’t walk up to a group of new people and say, “I’m hilarious and you should work with me.” It just doesn’t work that way (online or IRL).

This means YOU need to step into your social media strategy (if you already have been then maybe it’s time to 2x that or even 10x that)

(more on this to come in future emails in this series) 🪩

2️⃣ Personality, Personality, & More Personality (this really goes hand in hand with 1)

You know how I feel about this, Chelsea… A personality infused approach is MY JAM! And this year, it’s the strategy

It’s about infusing you and your real life into how you show up for your business online.

This can even look like incorporating your glass of wine, coffee making routine, evening skincare routine, or your watching Netflix routine – into your content!

TRY THIS FORMULA: Niche Focused Content + YOU + A splash of personality

Example: You’re a health coach who helps busy entrepreneurs with their meal planning and you LIVE FOR your Sunday meal prep sessions with a glass of wine

Content In Action: You record a reel sharing 5 things you do to meal prep every week

The video is b-roll of you meal prepping (and the video starts with you pouring a glass of wine and all your ingredients laid out in front of you)

Then, add text over the top with your 5 tips for having easy meals prepped every single week with a call to action to read the caption for your favorite wine to pair with meal prep days

(okay, maybe wine doesn’t go with health coaching OR does it? it’s all about balance, right? And that is definitely a health coach who would align with my goals! And this is just a fun example anyways)!

3️⃣ Strategic Consistency

I talk about this concept on this week’s podcast episode but to sum it up, strategic consistency is about showing up with the same messaging, look and feel – consistently!

You want the things you talk about and what it all looks like to be COHESIVE ✨

The goal with strategic consistency is to become RECOGNIZABLE AND UNFORGETTABLE 🫰

I dive into this topic a lot more on this week’s episode of Marketing Bar along with all 8 of my marketing predictions for 2024. You can listen here


🎙️ For Your AirPods – If you want more marketing, listen to this episode of Skinny Confidential. I love the advice on how frequent you should post videos and the WHY behind it (SO SMART)

✨ This phone light will cancel out all your excuses to show up on video (it’s been coined “The Alix Earle” light)

📚 My business plan for 2024 (well the book I’m basing it on and you should too!) I’m sure I’ll be doing a podcast episode on this soon!

💰The MILLION dollar lesson from everyone’s favorite $40 cup

A quick sip of my personal life and plans for Q1 🍷

We’re opening the doors to the Modern Agent Social Club Membership on January 15th 🥂 for Q1 enrollment!

This is my marketing membership for modern real estate agents where we pair current content trends with our timeless strategies (the modern agent method) to help you grow your business from the comfort of your couch 🛋️

*Where marketing feels more like a party than a presentation (a party everyone wants an invite to) 🎉

Our family is heading to our favorite spot in Florida for a little getaway later this month

This is what we call a working vacation because I am IN THE CREATIVE ZONE when I’m at the beach!

And my mom is coming for part of the trip to help with Henry so we can get some work done AND go on a date night down there! (and so she can enjoy herself – it’s her favorite place too)!

-Big plans for the podcast for 2024 🎤 and some subtle pivots (aka: it’s not just for real estate agents anymore – it was actually never intended to be but we somehow went there – we’re going to be expanding into many more topics and guests in 2024 so share with your entrepreneur friends)!

I also reallllly want to get the podcast on video and YouTube (so my office is currently being prepped for this)!

-We’re following the 12 Week Year to stay SUPER focused this year. So Q1 plans are very clear to eliminate any distractions or wasted time ❌

-Modern Agent Social Club is getting a new website (well it’s ALMOST done)! I can’t wait to share it 🙂 My talented friend, Tori Sprankel designed it and it’s just what we wanted!

-I’ve been LIVING in this lounge set (technically pajamas). But I feel like I’m in a Nancy Meyers film when I have it on (especially if I throw a cardigan over it and sit on the couch with a book and a glass of wine or my laptop).

Happy New Year from my little family 🥰