I always say, “Social media is like a cocktail party.”

But, if I were to add on to this it would be, “And email marketing is the after party!”

Social media is a 1 to many platform, whereas email marketing is a 1 to 1 platform. 

It’s where the deeper conversations take place (like when everyone leaves the party but your BFFs stay, open a bottle of wine & snacks, and debrief about what happened at the party!)

And honestly, the real reason I use social media is to grow my email list. 

Because on social media, on a good day, 70% of your followers will NOT see your content.

But with email – you own it AND it doesn’t depend on an algorithm (that may or may not show your content to your people). 

Email puts you in control and gives you more chances to stay top of mind (even if they don’t read every email, they’re still seeing your name in their inbox!)

When I tell people this, I’m sometimes met with serious hesitation. 

You might think, “Well my own inbox is flooded with junk emails, why would I want to pile my emails up in someone else’s inbox (who might not even read them).”

OR, “I never read the emails in my inbox. Why would anybody take the time to read mine?”

In this episode, I’m sharing why email marketing is the one thing that will change how effective your marketing is & explaining why it’s the most powerful tool in my biz.

AND I’m spilling my email marketing secrets!

Everything from how to approach email marketing to breaking down the proven email framework that I use to give value and stay top of mind. 

Whether you’re building your database from the ground up, or you consider yourself an email marketing expert – this episode covers the basics & lays out everything you need to deliver your subscribers emails worth reading. 


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Episode 7 – The best emails in my inbox

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