I had a “sad CEO day” and it changed everything. 

“Sad CEO day” isn’t an official term, but it’s one that I coined the other day when everything in my business seemed like it was going wrong, I was questioning everything, and I just wanted to be in my feelings about it! 

I took to my Instagram stories (after deleting and reposting about it) to share about what I was going through and it turns out – I WASN’T THE ONLY SAD CEO. 

After dozens of responses, I realized I had to share more! 

So, this episode dives a little deeper into… 

My *sad CEO day* & the story behind it. 

The Instagram quotes & an accidental meditation that changed the direction of this podcast. 

What I did to get out of my rut & what you can do if you’re feeling the same way (here’s a sneak peek)

  1. Brain dump
    1. List out everything cluttering your brain related to your business (and life)
    2. List out everything you HAVE TO do in a week
    3. List out what you’re not doing but would like to be doing?
    4. List out what is working / what isn’t?
    5. What is causing more anxiety than results?
  2. Schedule a call with a biz bestie / an industry peer / someone who gets it! Get their advice!
  3. Write out all your marketing activities – what has the highest ROI and which do you enjoy doing most?
  4. Take a break!
  5. Need a reset or a come back or content to kick off / kick start your social? Share a struggle / share the real bts, not the highlight reel!

And, a big announcement about Marketing Bar! 

I’ll be back with more for you on May 7th! But until then, keep up with me on Instagram and in the Weekly Sip!