No one ever talks about this, … (shared this on my Instagram stories yesterday)

*This is basically a diary entry I’m sending to 15,000 people, enjoy!

“Having a sad CEO day – you know the kind where you question everything, feel behind and want to burn everything to the ground 😂 (laughing emoji to keep it light) I know I’m not alone, but no one talks about this part!”

I actually deleted it at first, I didn’t want to be negative.

But then I thought – it’s not negative, it’s just REAL. 

-No one has a PERFECT business

-No one is “easily” making *2 million dollars* a month (you know the reels telling you to just comment GUIDE and they’ll show you exactly how to “easily” make that much too)

-where everything goes right 100% of the time

-where Instagram is a magical unicorn and your business is all rainbows and lollipops

The reality is, we all have sad CEO days where we prefer to watch reality tv in ugly sweats and be couch girlies who try to ignore the negative thoughts we’re having about our business (this too shall pass)!

Here’s the exact pic from my stories👇

About 35 people responded… (and counting)

One comment being: “lololol sad CEO day?! Can we get shirts made?!” 

Another comment said: “I’m having one this week too and you’re right NO ONE talks about it.”

And my favorite: “You’re amazing but also even better of a ceo to be able to notice this and honor it” 🫶

And here’s the thing.. there wasn’t one specific event or thing that caused me to have a “sad CEO” day. I made up that term yesterday by the way 

It was a combination of a bunch of little things piling up that then created one of those ugly thought spirals…

Like this one:

-I thought I’d be further along by now

-It hasn’t grown as big as “theirs” (comparison trap)

-Who do I think I am having a podcast that’s mostly solo episodes (who wants to listen to me)

-I’m always playing catch up I’m never ahead (insert list of 870 things to do immediately)

-I need (insert list of 57 things I need to buy including a podcast studio that is 100% on brand with fancy cameras, lighting and equipment) 😂


But the truth is, they can creep in from time to time. And it DOES feel like a pity princess party (pass me my crown) 👑

But do you know what the best part of a *Sad CEO* day is? 

It’s typically followed by a whole lot of clarity. Realizing you need to re-charge. To sit down and look at everything you’re doing and make some adjustments. 

Sad CEO days always end up making my business better! 

You might realize that something just isn’t working or making sense, or taking up too much time (without any return).

This is where I look at my money making activities – what are they and am I focused on them?

Are things feeling good and in alignment or am I basically operating out of a constant state of anxiety? What needs to change?

But the most important part of getting through these days (or sometimes weeks) is to get yourself OUT OF THAT FUNK.

So maybe you’re in one right now like some of my friends in my DMs. And if you are, I want to tell you how my day ended, because this might be just the thing you need!

I took a long, hot bath after H was in bed, finished my book (The True Love Experiment – 5 🌟) and then got in bed to listen to a SuperHuman App Meditation.

When it ended, it automatically started playing the next one in line (Was God speaking to me through this meditation?)

Here’s what I heard *jazz music plays softly in the background

“Giving up isn’t an option for you. And you know deep down that you will get there.

So now let’s refresh that motivation, that inspiration within you.

*insert meditation stuff like feel your heart and ground your sit bones*

Now remember – your why. Why are you doing this? Why are you on this journey? Why did you start? Is it because you want a better life because you know deep down you deserve to fulfill every single goal or dream you have. Because you want to give yourself the world. Think of your why. Remember it. Feel the energy towards it. Re-invigorate your body. 

This lack of motivation is simply here because you forgot your why. You lost touch with that energy. That power.”

🤯 😱 I couldn’t have planned that if I tried, ! And it’s SO TRUE! 

Hit reply and tell me if you needed to hear this too!

Cheers to Sad CEO Day t-shirts (and hopefully it’s one that you wear super infrequently)!



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