I’m writing this while watching FRIENDS reruns …

And I know I’m not alone in the fact that I watch 86 hours of FRIENDS over and over and over just to see

Ross and Rachel “go on a break” (OR NOT)

Joey eat sandwiches

Chandler tell the same 479 jokes

Monica clean everything

and Phoebe sing Smelly Cat 🐈

(and I know you have a show you love like this too – the office? big bang? gilmore girls? gossip girl? seinfeld? all the housewives!)

But what’s CRAZY is that so many people don’t think sharing their actual life (like the fact that they love the Real Housewives, drink a daily McDonalds Diet Coke and always wear pink) will help them connect with “their people” on Instagram?

And while you might not be Rachel Green, YOU are what will attract people to YOUR brand (in a similar way)!

And the first (and easiest) place to start sharing more about you is in your stories.


First, treat your instagram story like A STORY 🙃 (I think that’s the point of them but here’s how you can plan this out tonight)…

1 – Open your notes app: Write down 5 things you are doing tomorrow

Showing a house, attending an inspection, grabbing coffee or lunch with a past client or friend, stopping at Trader Joe’s, finishing your bookclub book, getting takeout from your fav mid week spot

Okay, your list is written out (you’re welcome for helping you plan your day 😉)

2 – Set your alarm for a reasonable time to open your instagram stories camera (you can do this by 9 am 🤛 )!!

This is your reminder to set your *story* in motion for the day!

So snap a quick pic of your yoga mat rolled out or an aesthetically pleasing coffee pouring video or filling up your emotional support water bottle.

(isn’t it crazy how growing up we had a countdown at the bubbler to get a drink of water? No wonder why we are all attached to our water bottles!)

3 – Before you tap “add to story”, add your list of 5 things on your to do list for the day on top of the pic or video clip!

*you could even screenshot your notes app and add that photo over the top – see photo below for an example from my stories

4 – Now document the 5 things on your list throughout the day with a short and cute little caption / note describing it!

🌟PRO TIP: Mix business & personal (what I call the perfect story cocktail)!

ie: listening to __ podcast on my way to show houses in __ neighborhood 🏡

🌟🌟 PRO TIP 2: Incorporate at least one story sticker to engage with your followers and invite them into YOUR STORY

ie: from the podcast example – add a poll: are you a podcast in the car girlie or a music only girlie 😊

HAVE FUN! And tag me in your first story of the day so I can tune in 🧡📺

Here’s my example starter story 👇