Have you checked your screen time lately?

If you’re anything like me, the majority of your screen time probably consists of hours spent scrolling on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook. 🙈

Consuming for hours and hours. And then for a few more hours. 

But do you ever contribute anything? 

And, do you contribute as much as you consume? 

If you’re not sure where you stand on the contribution to consumption scale – here are a few things to consider: 

Is your business growing? 

Are you getting the results you want? 

Are you showing up consistently? (Do you provide valuable content? Do you position yourself as the local expert?)

If you answered no, then you’re probably stuck in the consumption side of social media. And it’s time you come over to the good side of social media and start contributing more than you consume! 

In this short, action-packed episode I’m giving you a game plan to follow this week to help you do just that. 

It’s 5 things that you can do on social media this week (in 15 minutes or less!) to have conversations, build connections, and expand your audience!

PRO TIP: Break the actions up and tackle 1 thing each day (Monday – Friday) this week.


  1. Share a photo or video clip of your home office set up with your work essentials.
  2. Share a local weekend itinerary.
  3. Share 5 accounts you love in your stories or as a post.
  4. Share 5 things you’ve been loving this season.
  5. Do a photo dump carousel.

Do you like having a social media game plan to follow? 

This episode & your game plan is inspired by the Weekly Game Plans I provide to the members at Modern Agent Social Club! Every Monday they open their inbox & their member dashboards to find a new game plan with 5-7 prompts to tackle on social media, that have an impact on their business and keep them top of mind with their sphere. 

The Weekly Game Plans are just one of the many features of the membership that move the needle! Consider this episode, just a sip of what things are like at MASC. 


Desktop backgrounds – to make your computer look aesthetic before tackling #1

The essential oils I’ve been loving!

Reel inspo for your weekend itinerary 

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