My mom is one of the healthiest people I know. 

She goes on walks, cooks healthy recipes, and takes fun fitness classes (which she encourages me to attend with her). 

Recently she signed us up for yoga. But, it wasn’t a regular ol’ yoga class. It was “Yoga in the Barn”, where yogis ‘downward dog at dusk’ in a barn overlooking a quaint farm (birds and crickets chirping in the background).

Before this class, I hadn’t taken a fitness class since having my son (Henry) in October. As much as I was looking forward to the class and spending time with my mom, I was so nervous! 

The thought of strangers seeing my shaky plank pose was enough to make me think of a dozen excuses I could use to get out of going. 

The day of the class I had a knot in my stomach and my palms were sweaty even before it started. Again I was thinking, “What can I do to get out of this?

But, I knew how much my mom loved going to this class and how excited she was to have me along with her – so I decided to go anyway. 

We showed up to the barn, layed out our mats and sat in a lotus position, chatting until class began. 

*My mom: calm, cool & collected*

*Me: still sweating from my nerves*

And then, the instructor walked in. 

After introducing herself and talking about our intentions for the class, she finished by saying, “This is a yoga practice. Not a yoga performance. You don’t have to get it perfect.”

I was overcome with an immediate wave of relief.

We got into our practice and everyone was flowing. But what the instructor said to kick off class kept swirling around in my brain. 

The assurance that I got from her saying that was immediate and so impactful that it completely changed my outlook on the class and it made me want to sign up for another one! 

I wasn’t afraid to practice my yoga in front of this barn full of strangers anymore because we all had the expectation and understanding that none of us would be perfect. We’re all still practicing, evolving, and learning. 

After mulling that over for a while, I thought about what she said and the impact it could have outside of yoga

Thus, today’s episode of the Marketing Bar podcast was born! 

It’s all about changing your perspective on showing up in your business to think of what you do as a practice instead of a performance that demands perfection. 

Today’s episode will give you the wave of relief I felt. It’ll change how you approach your business (or whatever else it is that you’ve been putting off) and give you permission to keep showing up, even when your reverse warrior pose isn’t where you want it to be. 

Even if you don’t feel confident on video. 

Even if your writing isn’t at its best yet.

Even if you’re not the #1 podcaster in the world. 

Even if you don’t have the biggest following on Instagram. 

It’ll give you permission to start taking action and stop making excuses! 

To change your approach from: performance & high pressure → practice & peace. 

Listen to the full episode for examples & action steps to put into practice!


The 5 Star Weekend by Elin Hilderbrand

A quote from James Clear to sip on that pairs perfectly with this episode