We’ve all got it. The countless screenshots of genius ideas that you stumbled upon, saved and swore you would get back to. Yet, they’re still floating around in your camera roll – untouched and unimplemented. 

Or the folder in your inbox with dozens of unopened emails from yourself as a reminder of an idea you want to infuse into your biz.

But when do you sit down to actually take the time to do it? When do you organize these scatterbrained thoughts and ideas and put them into action? 

For me, it was at our recent Modern Agent Social Club team retreat (complete with chips & guac, pedicures, and Friends playing in the background). 

We started with a LONG LIST of our ideas, goals, and pipe dreams for 2023, organized and sifted through everything (strategically) to craft our plan for the rest of the year. By the end of our retreat, we all felt refreshed, energized and ready to tackle it all! 

If you’ve ever wondered what the gals at MASC are up to, consider this your BTS look as I walk you through the behind the scenes of our team retreat, the benefits of scheduling a mini retreat like this for yourself, and turning your scatterbrained ideas into actionable steps that’ll result in “pumpkins” in your business as soon as this fall. 

Remember, you have to plant your seeds now, if you want pumpkins to grow in the fall. 


The One Where We All Met in Wisco – How we structured the team retreat (listen to the full episode for the nitty gritty details)

Session 1: At the Petersen house with margaritas, chips & guac, and a roundtable discussion to sift through our long list of plans for 2023. 

Session 2: Roots Coffeebar & convos about our core brand messaging and ideal clients. 

Session 3: Snacks in the sunroom – talking about our membership experience. 

Session 4: By the pool at the Petersen farm – talking all things content creation & branding. 

Honorable mentions: Team pedicures, a boat ride around the lake (with wine & cheese), an Italian dinner (with even more wine & cheese) and an unofficial dress code including lots of Modern Agent merch. 

*Your retreat (or mini retreat) will look totally different than ours! But the principles of getting organized, setting priorities, and taking action on them are the same.*

READY FOR A MINI RETREAT FOR YOUR OWN BIZ? (Press play on the episode for a deeper dive)

  1. Schedule a mini retreat for yourself – set aside a day, a few hours, etc. for this. 
  2. Beforehand, braindump all of your ideas into a list (we used a regular ole Google Doc – no fancy bells & whistles required here). 
  3. Ask the right questions: Organize your doc as you go through these questions.
    1. What can you eliminate from the list? 
    2. What can wait for later? 
    3. What is the top priority? 
  4. Make it a mix of work and play! We had themed dinner nights, got pedicures, sipped wine & watched our favorite shows, etc.
  5. Ask for an outsider’s perspective.
  6. If it’s a team retreat: Send out a “getting to know you” email to help you get organized. Here are some examples from the email I sent to my team:
    1. What’s your favorite beverage to sip on? 
    2. What are your top 3 favorite snacks?
    3. Describe your ideal brainstorming atmosphere.
    4. What’s your favorite color & favorite thing to write with? 
    5. What’re topics you’d like to cover / chat about?
    6. What temperature do you like to sleep at? 

Listen to the full episode for even more about turning your ideas into action through your mini retreat.


In order from left to right: Michelle – Support Wizard, Me – Founder / CEO, Kayla – Director of Content, Chloe – Executive Assistant / Growth Guru. 


Roots Coffeebar

School of Sales – Business & Babies episode