I had to be out the door in 5 minutes and I couldn’t find my shoes! 

My husband and I were heading to an event, and I spent all day curating the perfect outfit. I had it saved to my phone for a while, and I finally put the whole ensemble together. The outfit made me feel confident and just looked good (not to toot my own horn or anything!) 

I was dressed and ready to go, until I went to put my shoes on and they weren’t in “their spot!” (We just moved, so our house is still sorting itself out.) 

Without those shoes, my outfit just wasn’t going to work. In a panic, I called my mom and immediately started asking for ideas. She started throwing out suggestions with other shoes to wear or entirely different outfit options. Ultimately, our conversation ended in her saying, “Chelsea, nobody cares what you’re wearing! Just pick something.”

To which I replied, “BUT I DO!”

You might call it shallow or surface level, but with the right outfit I get a boost of confidence and overall, it elevates my night. 

So when my shoes went missing, I felt like I was set up for a catastrophic night. My perfectly curated outfit flew out the window along with my extra boost of confidence. 

When it comes to your social media, how do you feel when you think about your ideal client looking at it? 

Do you feel like me without the perfect pair of shoes? Lacking confidence and looking for other options. 

Do you feel like you feel extreme pride and confidence, knowing that it’s curated and will convert your ideal clients? 

OR are you somewhere in between? 

If you were in their shoes, would you be excited to come back to your profile? 

Wherever you fall on the drab to fab social media scale, this episode will help you build a brand you feel confident about (AND that converts online!)

In the episode, I’m sharing 7 steps to a brand that you feel confident about and will convert online (here’s a peek at the 7 steps!)


  1. Can they see your face? 
  2. Can they hear your voice? 
  3. Can they learn something about you? (beyond your industry!)
  4. Can they learn more about the experience of working with you? 
  5. Can they take the next step without hiring you? 
  6. Does your social media feel like a sales page or an experience? 
  7. Is there consistency? 

After you listen and implement these 7 steps, you’ll feel as confident as I would’ve in my perfect outfit (if I could just find those dang shoes!)

You’ll know that when your dream clients find your social media (or website) that it’s curated perfectly to convert them. 

Not because of the aesthetics, but because you have the right strategies in place!

Ready to go from drab to fab on social media? Press play on episode 16! 


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